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Structural analysis - procedure or algorithm for determination of action effects in every point of a structure. A structural analysis may have to be performed at three levels using different models: global analysis, member analysis, local analysis.

Global analysis - determination, in a structure, of a consistent set of either internal forces and moments, or stresses, that are in equilibrium with a particular defined set of actions on the structure, and depend on geometrical, structural and material properties.

Structural modelling - an analytical model of a structural system used in the calculations of building structures. Calculations shall be carried out using appropriate structural models involving relevant variables. The structural models selected should be those appropriate for predicting structural behaviour with an acceptable level of accuracy. The structural modelsshould also be appropriate to the limit states considered. Structural models shall be based on established engineering theory and practice. If necessary, they shall be verified experimentally.


Recruitment costs in the United States, Canada, Western Europe and Asia are cripplingly high - and it is well known that high recruitment costs are the kryptonite of construction market. That’s why many smart, cost-conscious companies prefer to find remote structural engineering firm in Ukraine and other countries with low-cost labor pools.

Fortunately, in today’s job market, there are tons of structural consultants for hire. Unfortunately, in most cases, those engineers promise more than they can actually deliver. It takes time to sort out who is who. And time is money. One of the easiest, safest ways to get structural consultants is through services of a reliable structural engineering firm like UABIM.


The highest price-to-quality ratio on the market
Large pool of talented specialists
Honest and open communication
Business transparency
Solid education, expertise, knowledge and experience
Productive and competent workflows
An advantageous location and time zone
Proficiency in English


If you need to close a number of positions concurrently, or you want to have an integrated unit with own management, or your project needs structural analysis support and further maintenance, then you should turn to structural engineering firm UABIM.

If you need to hire an structural consultant for a project, UABIM is the best choice. We believe that Ukrainian market provides plenty of talented specialists, and we work vigorously when selecting them for each particular request. Up to date, we have above 10 in-house employees and a portfolio of over 95 successful projects. We cooperate with companies from different countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Our solutions are always made based on our values, we stick to honest and open relationships, we strive for optimized operation, transparent workflow, outstanding solutions and challenging projects.


Type of Structures
The design of Reinforced Concrete structures, Steel structures, Timber structures, Geotechnical - Soil Bases and Foundations.
All projects are developed using Revit, Navisworks, Robot Structural Analysis software. Ensuring efficient workflows, 3D visualization and analysis, high efficiency, risk reduction and cost savings.
Multidiscipline Coordination
Effective project coordination and collaboration of Architectural, Structural and HVAC & MEP teems in VDC/BIM. Detection, review, resolve clashes and issues in drawings across disciplines.
Plan of Work Stages

Stage 2: Concept Design RIBA (UK), ACE (Europe);

Stage 2: Schematic Design AIA (USA);

Stage 3: Developed Design RIBA (UK), ACE (Europe);

Stage 3: Design Development AIA (USA);

Stage 4: Technical Design RIBA (UK);

Stage 4: Detailed Design ACE (Europe);

Stage 4: Construction Documents AIA (USA).

Drawings and Documents
Production of Designs, Construction drawings/Working drawings, Shop drawings, Reports, Calculations relating to building design.
Drawings for Tender, Planning permission, Building Regulations approval, Construction.
Structural Drawings
- Construction drawings/Working drawings;
- Shop drawings;
- Structural plan drawings;
- Elevations;
- Floor plans;
- Section drawings;
- Detail drawings;
- Location drawings/General arrangement drawings.
European standards Eurocodes + National standards implementing Eurocodes and USA Standards Building Codes.
Basic Requirements for Structures
The basic requirements for structures are satisfied and applied together: limit state design in conjunction with the partial factor method, combination of actions (load combinations), structural resistance, serviceability and durability.
Structural Analysis
Performing an advanced structural load analysis that verifies building code compliance and applying VDC/BIM-integrated workflows.
The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is applied.
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